U.S. ABE—Outfitting The American Worker Since 1896.

For four generations in the rustic industrial heart of the city that defines the American ideal of “working class”—the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA to be exact—U.S. ABE has provided quality work wear, shirts, pants, boots, FR gear, hats, gloves and accessories from some of America’s most trusted brands. Carhartt. Dickies, Greystone. Timberland. Wolverine.

What’s more, U.S. ABE has carved a niche in hard-to-fill work clothing spaces like big and tall sizes, flame-resistant clothing, welding apparel, large-sized work boots and footwear (to size 18).

All this… plus our proven commitment to superior service in business-to-business apparel and contract sales for industrial customers who understand the value of personal attention that works nearly as hard as the clothing itself… and it’s no wonder we’ve been here since the 1800’s.

Give us a call or stop by our no-frills location on Carson Street (a stone’s throw from Brewski’s, no less). Or simply ask Abe directly using the form-field. If you work hard for a living (or just want to look like you do) then look no further than U.S. ABE.  Because here is wear.